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Massage Pillow

Massage Pillow

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How to use?

Simply switch on the massager and keep it on the preferred area of your body. With its two button operating system switch between intensity levels according to your preference

Package includes


1 x Mini Cupping Massager Machine

2 x Filter Cotton

1 x USB Charging Cablex

1 User Manual


Order processing takes 1-3 business days before shipment. Once your item/s is dispatched, the estimated delivery time is:

☆ USA: 7-10 business days

☆ International: 10-15 business days


The Massage Pillow is designed to be medically aggressive yet pleasantly soothing, with an emphasis on portable physical therapy. It offers a hand kneading massage for your entire body, aiding to relieve muscle pains and stress


The heating function provides a soothing and invigorating heat that delivers a warm and gentle massage. It can heat up to 37 - 43℃. It's great for blood circulation and will leave your muscles feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, while getting rid of all aches and fatigue.


The ergonomic design aids in mobility enhancement, allowing you to move and function more effectively. You can use the Massage Pillow anywhere you want and massage any part of your body as you prefer


The Massage Pillow offers the mobility that other massagers lack, allowing you to use it anywhere. Thanks to the vehicle adaptor and head straps. It provides relaxation on lengthy commutes or road trips by attatching to vehicle seat headrests and providing the ultimate on-the-go massage.


The Massage Pillow has 4 rotating massage points that move on all three axis of movement, side to side, up and down, in and out. It has three intensity settings that are tailored to relieve your pain and tightness issues. It also rotates clockwise and counterclockwise at the push of a button. Select the intensity according to your preference. It's very easy to use with its two button operating system.

  • "

    I used this massager before bed for neck and inner thighs. The message really feels great for those sore muscles from strength workout.

    Sydney S 
  • "

    love the massage pillow I got. I deal with a lot of neck tension in the mornings, but since I started using the pillow before bed, my neck isn’t tense when I wake up.

    Ellen H 
  • "

    I have bought many massagers in the past, but never was satisfied till this. I do not want to get off of it! I feels so good and my neck and shoulders love it too!!

    Molly R 
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Can the Massage Pillow be used in the car?

Yes!. There is a strap that allows the massager to be attached to the headrest in the car so that you may be able to use it handsfree. The Massage Pillow has both a wall and a car adapter, allowing it to be used with versatility.

How do I clean Massage Pillow?

To clean your Massage Pillow, take the following steps:

Turn off your Massage Pillow.

Wipe leather down with a damp microfiber clothe.

Wipe the fabric sections with a dry microfiber clothe

When complete, you may dry off and replug the massager

When not in use, place the Massage Pillow out of direct sunlight and if possible cover the massager with a breathable material to prevent dust build up.

Is the heat optional? Will I be able to turn it off?

Yes the heat is optional you can turn it off or reduce the heat as you wish.

I have upper back and shoulder pain mostly and work in an office and am wondering if this device works well in an office chair?

Yes, absolutely! It is light and very adaptable to the lower, upper back and shoulder. Great for the neck, lower cranial area and front torso. It is discreet enough for the an office chair. Soon, your co-workers will want one too!

Can this be used without strapping it to a chair? I'd like to use it while sitting on my sofa.

yes, you can just move it around, and place the massager where needed